Let’s Get Connected

  • An Experiential Practice for Clinicians to Support Clients in Emerging

    Starts Jun 25

    125 US dollars
  • Yoga for mental health and balance

    Starts Jun 22

    15 US dollars

The yoga space at Toward Healing is intentionally created to provide an experience of connectedness, community and partnership with mind and body.  Our drop-in classes and class series' are welcoming to practitioners from beginner to advanced, with an emphasis on the use of the asanas, breath work and meditation to improve individual wellness and the wellness of our community and society.  When individuals thrive, they can support other individuals' thriving, and together we shine.  


You can expect your time at Toward Healing to be affirming and beneficial.  In this space we are affirming of all bodies and seek toward positive connection and communion with body rather than the adversarial relationship to body encouraged by the mainstream culture.  This means we don't talk about our bodies' appearance negatively or body shame.  You will not hear talk of restrictive eating practices or honoring one body shape or size over others.  We are actively affirming of the entirety of the spectrum of gender and sexuality, and seek to guide all participants to healing relationships with their bodies in the here and now.  We are engaged in the anti-racism movement and continually seeking to be educated and capable allies.  


The values of the profession of social work are also the values of Toward Healing: Dignity and Worth of the Person, Integrity, Service, Social Justice, Importance of Human Relationships and Competence.  We strive to live out these ethics in all the work that we do, and invite challenges to do this more effectively.

Ability notes: The space, built in 1816, requires 10 consecutive stairs at this time to enter.  There is a dog sometimes within the space, though you will likely not encounter the dog during your time here.  We are eager to provide accommodations you may need in order to participate with our services.