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Individual Psychotherapy

Our therapy practice is located in Philadelphia at 1531 Cherry Street. We are passionate about engaging in therapy that prioritizes our relationship and your expertise about your own journey and what is right for you.  Our goal is to work together with you to determine where you would like to grow and change, as well as to come ever closer to discovering the truest version of yourself.

Toward Healing

Individual Therapy

Jessie Timmons, LCSW

We will work together to create a space in where you can create your work in a way that feels right to you.  I am highly supportive of each individual person's need to identify their needs and goals and to decide on the means that work for them. I am truly honored at having the opportunity to connect with you and join with you in working toward your goals.

My theoretical approach is centered in Relational Therapy and is intentionally eclectic in order to find the models of work that will be the best fit for your needs.  I have extensive training in and experience with substance use, trauma, gender-related work and challenges,  relationship issues, anxiety, depression, LGBTQ* related issues, anti-racism an effective allyship. I am actively engaged in being affirming of health at every size, embracing and loving your body and yourself and considering intersectionality in understanding how you have come to be who you are and how you would like to make change in your life.

To schedule a session with Jessie please use the contact form below.

Individual Therapy (50 minutes): $175


Kimberly McKay, PhD, LSW

My theoretical approach is based in Relational Therapy. Similar to different learning styles, I am intentionally eclectic in my clinical approaches because individuals have different needs in therapeutic styles. I work with clients to find the best fit for their needs. My counseling experience includes working with children, teens, and adults. My therapeutic approach is to utilize the relationship that I build together with the client to explore and understand the meaning-making of their lived experiences and explore any challenges. My experience includes working with issues and dynamics of relationships, gender and sexuality, LGBTQIA+, health at every size, anxiety, and depression.


My educational background includes a PhD in Social Work, a Masters in Education in Human Sexuality Studies, a Masters in Social Work, and a Bachelors in Child Development. I am a Licensed Social Worker in PA. I have worked as a social worker for 20 years and for the last 11 years have taught emerging social work professionals at the undergraduate and graduate level at Widener University, Temple University, and University of Pennsylvania. The courses I teach include generalist counseling skills, gender and sexuality throughout the lifespan and policy, beyond the binary, social justice, and human development and behavior.

Individual Therapy (50 minutes): $100

A limited number of sliding scale spots are available for working with Kim.  Please use contact information below to inquire about openings, or email Kim at

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